Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Brick lying is coming...

Last Friday we received a call from our SS, he mentioned that we will need to wait for some of the brick layers to finish their delayed jobs.. So, I guess no much will happen this week. However, yesterday the cement and sand was delivered. We took a brick home, so we can see it on daylight time. It looks a little bit more brownish that the samples we have and it has some very small red spots. Doesn't look bad at all, just a little bit different. Let's see how they look once they are in place. 

Monday, 8 September 2014

Slow, slow, slow as you can go...

Last 2 weeks have been really slow, the weather hasn't been helping much. Last week bricks were delivered and that was it, no much to tell.  The day after the bricks were delivered we paid a visit to the site, it was around 8-9pm. We were just having a look when someone suddenly parked in front of our lot. Two guys came off the car and started asking us some questions, what are you up to? are you the owners? they even requested me to show an identification. They told me they were police, however one of them seemed to be too young for being a police officer. I made a mistake in not asking for any identification. Anyway, it is good if the police is actually checking the state. Two or three weeks ago some robberies have been reported, approximately 16 hot water systems were stolen from DHA's houses. 

This is how the house looks at the moment: