Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Merry Christmas

And a Happy New Year 2014 to all our readers and neighbours to be.

We hope next year all of us we will celebrate in Voyager Point.

See you next year!

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Our neighbours

Hi, we've got a big surprise today. We went to Voyager Point - Heartwood to just check how the works of DHA are going. They told us they would start last Monday and.. oh surprise our neighbor has started already :-) that is good news and gives us some hope. Everyone was telling us that Liverpool council is really slow and that we wouldn't be able to apply through CDC because the high BAL in our lot. Well, apparently that is not the case :-)  we left a note I hope they can see it and we can make contact to ask how they did.
As you can see in the pictures, work is already started and I'm pretty sure the slab will be poured during this week.

In other news, DHA work has already started but still a little bit slow in comparison with our neighbor :)

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Sod-turning ceremony

Hi there. Last Tuesday was the sod-turning ceremony of the development. There were some people from DHA and there were some announcements... Working will start as soon as this Monday :-) this is really exciting news for us. Apparently, houses from DHA will be finished around July, that's good thing as we wont be moving to a ghost town hahaha. We met some nice people during the gathering. But we couldn't find our neighbours. There are people in different stages, some people are already selecting colours while we are still struggling in choosing our bricks. This weekend we are planning to visit PGH and Boral to see in real life how our possible selections look like. Here a photo of the ceremony. 

Another nice surprise was that finally our lot got the SOLD sticker, so we finally got the opportunity of taking us the picture with the SOLD sticker.. something to print for the family album :-)

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Proposed dwelling

This is our proposed dwelling. As you can see we won't have much space in the rear side, however the secondary boundary will be quite spacious. I wonder what Wisdom Landscapes would propose. To be honest I can't see any problem in put just grass everywhere.. ha ha. We think that maybe in the future we can put a narrow swimming pool on the left side. Lets see how things unfold...

Thursday, 28 November 2013

November update

Many things have happened since the last time we published something. Last time we were waiting for registration. It was finally done on 6th of November. After that the settlement was done. As we are first home buyers we ignored heaps of things. For example we didn't know that the settlement is done by the lawyers of every party. We didn't need to move a finger.. which is good :-)

Settlement was done on 20th of November, now this 6th of December is our first mortgage payment... hahah. anyway that is the way it works...

In other news we received our tender from Wisdom Homes, there were a couple of small things to fix and we've got a unpleasant surprise. We are close to the bush, so we have in our land an asset protection zone where nothing can be built. We didn't know the exact dimensions.. well results that the APZ is pushing our house some meters back, and if you add the fact that we have to have at least 6m of setback.. well the house needed to be shrink... We are losing just 29cm, but those 29cm were reduced from our alfresco and living room. We didn't accept the tender straight away for that reason as we wanted to check how that would change the living room distribution. Well we went to the Ponds to see the Majestic 34 to get a better idea of the new dimensions. To be honest I don't think that was really helpful haha. Anyway, we gave it some though and we finally decided to go with the new dimensions.

We accepted the tender and paid the extra 3k, now they are preparing the plans and we supossed to have news in 3 weeks from now.

Some decisions we made in the last days:
1. Go for concrete tiles (Bristile Prestige tiles) instead of the Colorbond upgrade that wisdom offers.
2. Include some extra windows in bedroom 2 and 3.
3. We decided to put a door in the ensuite.
4. Add a door under the stairs.
5. Upgrade the bathtub.

Last Tuesday we received our Wisdom Wise pack, with contains most of the available options to choose from. Lots of options, our first challenge is to chose bricks, our weekend is already planned to check houses in new developments to see which palette is possible to replicate with the brick options that Wisdom supplies. Our intention is not to upgrade bricks... lets see if that is possible.

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Waiting for registration

According to the DHA's solicitors.. the registration should be done in October, however we heard from other people that the registration was supposed to happen in September. We hope this is the month in the meantime... we have some videos to entertain us for now :-)

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Tender requested

Today we requested our tender with Wisdom Homes. We've finally decided to go for a Majestic 35 with just a couple of changes to cover the basic council requirements for a corner lot. Additionally,  we requested some small extras, nothing fancy as most of our requirement are already covered by the default design.

Our land is close to the bush, so our BAL reports says that our lot is a combination of bad news..  we have BAL 40, 29 and 19. That means our construction expenses will be increased. Anyway, we like the location of our land and we expect get a nice view from the balcony in the first floor. We've chosen the Savannah Facade, this is more or less how the house would look like:

Savannah Facade by Wisdom Homes

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

One month after we discovered Voyager Point

Hi, it is already a month since we discovered Voyager Point. It is incredible how things have been unfolding. Two months ago we weren't thinking in buying a house, at least no this year and now we've already exchanged contracts and we are looking for a builder hahaha.
No decision yet in regards of the builder, we've visited Wisdom Homes, Ichijo, Metricon, Masterton and Rawson. So far looks like we are going for Wisdom Homes.
Here are some pictures from the first time we visited Voyager Point (06/08/2013). We saw the land release on Internet in the afternoon and we decided to pay a visit returning from work. We couldn't see much but anyway we decided to take the risk and put an hold-on deposit for one lot. The following Saturday we went during the afternoon and we fall in love with the place. The neighbourhood looks quite nice and there is also a train station close by.. (some of the most important requirements for us :-) )

We can't wait for the settlement to get the ball rolling...

Friday, 30 August 2013

Welcome to our blog!

Hi, welcome to our blog where we are planning to post about the building of our house in the suburb of Voyager Point - Sydney.

Our lot.. :-)